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Film Review: Incredibles 2


 I never understood the love and excitement for The Incredibles. It’s not my least enjoyed Pixar movie, but I wouldn’t stop everything to watch it, a la Toy Story or Monsters, Inc. So when a sequel was announced I contained my joy.


When it opened to record-breaking numbers in the states, I just passed this as the excitement and new young fans wanting to see a family superhero movie; ‘kids can be costumed crime-fighters too!’


I have to admit to being wrong. Incredibles 2 is the funnier, grown-up successor to it’s 14-year old younger self. The story continues the development of the family finding their place in the world with Violet & Dash coming more to the fore, as do all the characters equally. In a world of multi-star showpiece movies, director Brad Bird has done a great job making sure everybody has equal and worthy time on the screen.


The story focuses on Helen Parr and her alter-ego Elastigirl this time around, she has to step into the Alpha role leaving Mr Incredible at home to tend to the family. This is where the film finds a heart and it’s humour; a real feel of a working Dad having to learn very quickly how you tend to a young family with a newborn (super!) baby. Jack-Jack was, for me, the biggest laugh right at the end of the first movie and Bird has built on this in waves.


All the adult hero voice actors return; which add more to the fun, I especially love Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson’s voices and they really lend their personality to the characters; don’t miss a hilarious cameo from Edna Mode and her fashion! My only niggle being that Dash has a different voice actor; but 14 years waiting for a sequel has obviously been the reason for this!


Lets hope we don’t have to wait that long for the inevitable third movie. If you’ve not seen the first then it’s no terrible thing; despite carrying on the story perfectly from The Incredibles there aren’t really any lingering questions should you be a first-timer to the Pixar hero universe.


Final note; don’t be late to the cinema, the now-standard Pixar short preceding the film, Bao, is a heartwarming, tear-building beautiful piece of animation.



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