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MoviesnMe - Jen Quinn


In a new concept we are asking some of Manchester's great and good to tell us about their love of film and how it has impacted their life.


We call it MoviesnMe.


Next up is Business Sorority's Jen Quinn - a sassy and passionate woman that champions empowering other young women to succeed in both their personal and professional life. Read on to find out more about Jen...



Tell us a bit about you. Who are you, where do you come from and what do you do?


Hello! I’m Jen Quinn and I’m the Co-Founder of the Business Sorority. We’re a community of ambitious young women in middle management and strive to get our girls up the career ladder through support, advice and networking.


I grew up in Bolton and moved back up to Manchester in January 2016 after 7 years down south. Northerners are much friendlier and I missed them too much!


What is your first movie memory? 


I can’t remember which came first but both were traumatic! I still vividly remember the nightmare I had before watching Jurassic Park at the cinema and spent most of the time watching the film with a cardigan over my head. I also recall being at a party and walking into a room full of teenagers watching The Running Man. I haven’t been able to watch that film to this day because of the Subzero scene with the barbed wire. Not ideal to witness when you’re 6!


If your life was a movie, who would play you?

As much as I dislike this, it would probably be Keira Knightley. I don’t know why I don’t like her, but I don’t, and people always say I remind them of her.


EDITOR: Ermmm, it's because she's a fabulous, talented and beautiful person inside and out. Definitely take it as a compliment!


What’s your favourite movie of all time, and how can you justify that title?

When Harry Met Sally. Hands down. It’s laugh-out-loud hilarious at times (the pictionary scene is one of my faves) but also a really beautiful story about friendship. It’s the only film I can watch repeatedly and love it as much as I did the time before.


What’s the most recent movie you enjoyed in the cinema OR that you’re looking forward to seeing in the cinema?

Avengers: Infinity War OBVIOUSLY. I’m a huge Marvel fan and in the month running up I re-watched all 18 movies in the MCU (I think it’s also pretty well-known that I’m in love with Thor and find every opportunity I can to reference him in GIF form).


I also CANNOT WAIT for Ocean’s 8. The Business Sorority are doing a FoodnFilm cross-over event because what better to watch a film about badass women than whilst in the company of other badass women?!


EDITOR: Literally, NONE!!!!!!


There are a lot of bad movies out there. So, which character do you think you could play better than the originally casted actor did?

You can’t *not* cringe when watching Dakota Johnson’s portrayal of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey. It wasn’t a secret that she hated Jamie Dornan, and her acting wasn’t good enough to hide it. I volunteer as tribute.


Has a movie inspired you in your work in any way? Eg, have you used a movie in a presentation, or channelled your inner Bond to come across as more confident at a networking event?


Joy is one of the most incredible films I think I’ve ever seen when it comes to female
empowerment, and even more so with it being based on a true story. If anyone feels as though they can’t make their dreams a reality - go and watch Joy. It’s truly inspirational.

You must cast a film character as your business partner. Who is it and why would you choose them?


Pepper Potts. She went from being Tony Stark’s PA to the CEO of Stark Industries because she absorbed everything and always did the right thing. Go Pepper.

Use a movie title to describe your business:


How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. I’m just kidding! A League of Their Own.

It’s the snowball effect- recommend someone who you’d like to see do Movies n Me?


Chill's very own Cheryl Hill.


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