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Deadpool Event Review: Beers, Burgers & Banter - Everything To Expect At FoodnFilm



So you turn up to a networking event - there’s no food, you’re not sure where to sit, and it feels like there’s an exclusive etiquette you’re not entirely sure you’ve been clued in on.

Many of us in business have been there and FoodnFilm is not a formal networking event. FoodnFilm is an informal networking event that focuses on building meaningful, friendly relationships with other businesses and professionals, without the unnecessary social anxiety of appearing super professional.


How FoodnFilm Roll

The process is pretty simple: you eat some fab food, network with great people, and go watch a film you want to watch. Instead of rewatching Peep Show for the millionth time on a weekday evening, I decided to head down and actually socialise with fellow marketing professionals. I met up with the group at Almost Famous for a few drinks and some seriously messy food. The dirty fries, mini cheeseburgers and sticky wings gave me a very happy food baby FYI. After this, we then headed off to watch the film Deadpool (with popcorn provided).


What about the group?

The group itself were not intimidating at all, comprising of numerous business professionals across Manchester, who all shared a love for film and food. As a freelancer, it can get a little lonely in the creative industries so it was really great to meet fellow-minded people in a chill atmosphere. If you’ve got an idea for your campaign or business, it’s always good to sound it off with somebody else you’re not affiliated with, and this networking event has that sort of atmosphere where you can do exactly that. FoodnFilm also hosts talks and discussions from industry professionals, for this meeting, it was discussing whether you should be a ‘rebel in business’ to give you an example.  


Is Deadpool 2 worth it?

Deadpool 2 has all the quirks of the first film, but I felt it was a little bit more PC. The film does contain more children and less solo action from Deadpool himself in this follow-up. There’s very little I can say without giving spoilers away, Deadpool 2 is more the midlife crisis follow-up to the original Deadpool. Naturally it features Wade shish kebabing numerous baddies, but it also features him questioning his own identity and what he wants in life. It’s still got all the rude humour and Ryan Reynold’s excessive winking, but with a bit more of a marvel feel, and less anti-hero.



I had a great time at FoodnFilm and it’s definitely going to be one networking event in Manchester I will be returning to. The people, food and chill environment of it is what I personally look for in a networking event, as it suits me and my personality to a T.


A little about me...

If you’ve got this far (YAY!), I’m Eleanor Hirst. I’m a Digital Marketing freelancer, focusing on social media strategy, content marketing and influencer marketing. I’m also a lifestyle blogger in my spare time. I help businesses build their brands online through creating great content and engaging with the right people. I love working across the fashion, leisure and food industries particularly. I love creative marketing campaigns and I always like learning and discovering new ways to build businesses. (At the moment, I’m building a chatbot and building upon my python coding). You can find my digital marketing website here. And my lifestyle blog here.


Thanks for reading!

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