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FoodnFilm Review: James Spiers

FoodnFilm – Black Panther Feb 2018




The FoodnFilm event in February 2018 was the second one I’ve attended…ERGO it must be good right?


Well, obviously yes… but please read on and hopefully I can explain why I went back for more and will continue to go to these events.


So, who doesn’t like a networking event? An opportunity to let your hair down in a different environment usually with a few drinks and/or canapes thrown in. Time outside of your normal office hours too - with the goal to develop relationships and ultimately gain business and/or connections – these are the typical definitions and rationale behind attending “networking” events.


However, with FoodnFilm, the intention is mostly not to provide a platform to win business and engage with clients. It is a very relaxed gathering of like-minded people who have a common interest – films! And the very nature of that underpins the notion of this moreover being a gathering rather than a networking event in the strictest sense of the word. Yes, good connections and even burgeoning friendships will be made but totally without the stigma or pressure of having to connect to certain people within certain target companies.

And, of course, the venue helps quite a lot! I consider myself quite the “man about town” and a “serial networker” as I’ve been termed, but even I am impressed with Rev de Cuba as a venue, the food provided and naturally the wide selection of beverages helps greatly. Big props to Greg and the team at RDC for hosting Black Panther.

Massive shout out to Scott, Dani and the team at FoodnFilm for putting on such a different spin on a “networking” event and to Rob Ellis for facilitating this!

I’d highly recommend attending a FoodnFilm event, particularly if you’re into films and meeting genuinely nice/cool people…and yes, that includes me!

See you at the next one for Han Solo v Deadpool



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