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April Movie Reviews

Here is how some of April's movies fared:



Isle of Dogs - 8/10 

Was Anderson is back with a typically fantastical stop-motion film. Everything that is great about Wes Anderson is on show here: witty dialogue, visual beauty,  a dynamite cast and a heartwarming, simple story. Isle of Dogs is full of imagination and full of heart. 


The Hurricane Heist - 4/10 

This film is even worse than it looks. Not only is the story absurd, the dialogue, acting and overall production value is laughably poor. But Chris Finch from the Office is in it so.....


A quiet place - 8/10 

A stripped down, survivalist horror film that is more focused on thrilling and moving the audience than scaring them. Part of its allure is that it’s driven by its small cast of characters, rather than by situational difficulties. Not only that, it is very, very tense. One of the best surprises of this year so far. 

Film of the month. 


Rampage - 6/10 

Rampage is basically 107 minutes of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson being himself. Depending on your perspective, you will either love this film or hate it. The Rock is an animal expert and is best friends with an albino gorilla called ‘George’, so naturally, he gets pretty distressed when ‘Project Rampage’ turns George into a giant. There’s also a giant rat that roams about the city smashing things and eating people. Whilst ‘Rampage’ clearly lacks substance, it is entertaining in an ‘over-the-top, what the heck am I watching’ kind of way. I spent a lot of the time laughing. Sometimes with it, sometimes at it. A proper popcorn film. 



Dave Howarth
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