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MoviesnMe - James Spiers

 In a new concept we are asking some of Manchester's great and good to tell us about their love of film and how it has impacted their life.


We call it MoviesnMe. Next up is Midas' James Spiers


Tell us a bit about you. Who are you, where do you come from and what do you do?


I’m a southerner living up North (I am a nice guy, honest!) and I drive innovation into large & strategic Manchester businesses to support their growth – elevator pitch nailed, right?!


What is your first movie memory? 


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – I’m sure there was a film I watched before 1991 but I was only 8 then and it does say “movie memory” – Alan Rickman made the film for me and some of his classic lines will always stick in my head…


”No more merciful beheadings”

“I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon”

 “You. My room. 10:30 tonight.” (to a ‘lady’). “You. 10:45...and bring a friend!” (to a second ‘lady’)


If your life was a movie, who would play you?

Bradley Cooper from any of the Hangover movies – I am never in, always at a networking event or out drinking/eating with someone and can sometimes end up in situations out of my control!


What’s your favourite movie of all time, and how can you justify that title?

I have 2 here so maybe I’m slightly cheating:

The Departed – a modern day Scorcese classic with an incredible line up of actors and a brilliant plot twist.


My Cousin Vinny – Marissa Tomei in this film was amazing and thoroughly deserved her Oscar but I’ve chosen this simply because every time I watch it I wet my pants with laughter, particularly the scene with the stuttering lawyer!


What’s the most recent movie you enjoyed in the cinema OR that you’re looking forward to seeing in the cinema?

Black Panther at the last FoodnFilm event in February – for me the best Marvel film yet and I’m looking forward to seeing Avengers: Infinity War at the May FoodnFilm event.

As for recommending a film to see before it leaves the big screen, Deadpool 2 – it’s just going to be awesome (AND FOODNFILM ARE DOING A HEAD2HEAD WITH HAN SOLO)!


However, I’d also recommend reaching back into the archives for some side-splitting comedy and watch both My Cousin Vinny and Weekend at Bernies.


There are a lot of bad movies out there. So, which character do you think you could play better than the originally casted actor did?

Well having done many of these types of questions on Facebook links etc. I typically come out as Tony Stark but in direct answer to the question I’d have to say Mutt from Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I thought he added nothing of note to the film and if I’d have been cast I might have had some input to having this atrocity of an Indiana Jones film’s script amended or the film cancelled altogether.

Has a movie inspired you in your work in any way? Eg, have you used a movie in a presentation, or channelled your inner Bond to come across as more confident at a networking event?

Not in any great respect but I’d say James Bond in my early career as I was always the confident one in front of clients and worked hard & certainly played hard too! Some say I still do…

You must cast a film character as your business partner. Who is it and why would you choose them?

Steve Kuncewicz at Batman – needs no explanation (see photo!)

Use a movie title to describe your business:

Absolutely no idea but (both fortunately and unfortunately) most definitely not the Wolf of Wall Street and certainly not Glengarry Glen Ross!!!

It’s the snowball effect- recommend someone who you’d like to see do Movies n Me?

Mike Henderson, Daniella Russo or Chris Marsh

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