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February 2018 In Film. A Summary


The strong start to the year in film continues as award season is in full swing!


Here is Dave Howarth's monthly round up -


Phantom Thread - 9/10

 In his final role, Daniel-Day Lewis plays a dress maker in 1950s London, in Paul Thomas Anderson’s delicately woven masterpiece. 


Read Dave's full review here.

Early man - 7/10

Nick Park’s return to the big screen. An underdog tale of the Stone Age vs the Bronze Age. Gentle humour and a feel good story amongst some inventive visual gags. Whilst it’s not revolutionary, it is a nice easy watch with something for people of all ages. My wife enjoyed it because Hognob, a pig character, is involved in some of the best moments. And my wife loves pigs. 


Shape of water - 9/10

Guillermo Del Toro’s painting of an adult fairytale, set in 1960’s Baltimore. Set aside the backdrop of the Cold War, a mute lady falls in love with an amphibian man whilst the Americans and the Russians fight to claim the creature for research. It’s weird,  wonderful and well worth a watch. 


Lady Bird - 8.5/10

Greta Gerwig’s solo directorial debut is a lovely coming of age story, with a strong cast lead with absolute authenticity by young Irish actress Saiorse Ronan. The mother daughter dynamic is wonderful. As is the use of music, colour and cinematography.


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