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MoviesnMe - Rob Ellis

 In a new concept we are asking some of Manchester's great and good to tell us about their love of film and how it has impacted their life.  First up, Mr Movie himself, Rob Ellis.



Tell us a bit about you;

Hi! I’m Rob Ellis, I come from Blackpool and I can’t handle my tequila! I am a Marketing and Business Development Manager for ODEON Cinemas and I watch hundreds of films every year! (FnF: Sounds like a dream!)


What is your first movie memory?:

I can remember my Grandma taking 5-year-old me to see The Lion King at the small cinema in Bowness. My first experience of the big screen was that iconic “Circle of Life” scene!


If your life was a movie, who would play you?:

Robin Williams – I’d say my life often feels as chaotic as some of his best roles!


What’s your favourite movie of all time?:

Hook – here are 5 reasons why...

  1. When Spielberg is at the helm and John Williams writes the score, it is NEVER going to disappoint.

  2. Dustin Hoffman gives the family-film appropriate equivalent of Heath Ledger’s Joker in his titular performance as Captain Hook.

  3. Whenever life stresses you out, watch Hook. It’s a film about not taking life too seriously and never growing up.

  4. Robin Williams doesn’t make bad films, ever!

  5. Ruuuufiiiioooooooo.

Honourable Mentions?:

  • Empire Strikes Back

  • Dark Knight

  • Old Boy

  • Spirited Away


Recommend a movie for us to watch on the big screen?:

It’s Award’s Season! I really enjoyed Sam Rockwell’s performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and would love to see him get the nod for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars.


I would definitely say Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was the biggest surprise of recent memory, I went into that film with very low expectations and left very surprised.

I also really enjoyed Coco. It was refreshing for Disney to give us a Mexican story that doesn’t referencing drugs, crime or immigration (Trump, take note!)


The films I am most excited for in 2018 are: The Shape of Water (this year’s biggest awards nominated film), Avengers: Infinity War (because: Marvel) and fast forward to November... Wreck it Ralph 2!


There are a lot of bad movies out there. So, which character do you think you could play better than the originally casted actor did?:


I think any other human (or inanimate object) could do a better job than anything Cara Delevingne has done so far.


Has a movie inspired you in your work in any way?:

All those Rocky marathons led to me getting my lights punched out in a boxing ring last year. It turns out you need more than just the Rocky Theme playing in your head to overcome the odds!


You must cast a film character as your business partner. Go!:

The Genie from Aladdin: my first wish would be for every new film released to be better than the last; my second wish would be for it to be FoodnFilm every week, and my final wish is none of your business! (FnF: Oh, you flatterer!)


Use a movie title to describe your business.

The Greatest Show on Earth!


It’s the snowball effect- recommend someone who you’d like to see do MoviesnMe:

Steve Kuncewicz!

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