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Jazz GIFs us his review of FoodnFilm


Last week I attended my first ‘FoodnFilm’. If you haven’t yet heard of ‘FoodnFilm’ it’s the new cinema networking club holding monthly events in Manchester and have the strongest GIF game in the Twitterverse.


My role at Tech North is community engagement in the North West, I go to a lot of events all over the region with limited variation with the format. I was interested to see how the concept would work because on the face of it in order to network you have to communicate and pretty much the one requirement of watching a film is not communicating.


I have been waiting to see Dunkirk for a number of months; I’m a big Christopher Nolan fan and the trailer was one of the best I have seen in a long time as it didn’t give anything away about the narrative (which is so refreshing with films these days). I was actually having dinner with Joe Averill (OBI Property) the day before FoodnFilm announced their Dunkrik event and we brought up the fact that both of us hadn’t been able to make one yet...The very next day I was booked in.


My FoodnFilm experience started on 25th July 2017 at 18:22 with an email. When you sign up for any event you get an email which confirms exactly what is expected of you and where you need to be when. They’re always to the point and give you in the information in a, frankly, uninspiring way. Daniella Russo (GIF expert) put something together that was far too entertaining for a Tuesday, but it set the tone for what was to come and gave me all the information I needed too.


It was game day! We met at the Hard Rock Cafe for 5:45pm with the movie beginning at 8pm, so we had ample time to eat and meet some interesting people. I had never met Scott Hadden (The Creator and fearless FoodnFilm leader ;) ) prior to the event and was instantly impressed with his welcoming nature and passion for what he had put together. I could sense after only a few minutes of chatting that the night would be in safe hands. My initial fears of it not being the right atmosphere to network were completely wrong, with lots of food platters dotted all around the space everything was designed to breakout of the groups you already know. I found that the fact we had an event (the movie) on the horizon it allowed for a focus to the conversations. It was great to meet with a lot of people I have never come across before, bonding over how they had grown tired of the usual free bar and presentation networking opportunities which are still the norm.


Let’s get to the movie! GO AND SEE IT ON THE BIGGEST SCREEN YOU CAN. I have seen many films on IMAX in the past and I can confidently say Dunkirk was the first film where I thought “Yeah, that was worth it”. It’s technically awe-inspiring and the most realistic portrayal of war I have ever seen. The visuals are matched equally with dramatic work from Hans Zimmer who really did turn it all the way up to 11. Nolan himself said it was "virtual reality without the headset," which is an accurate description of what you will see. I don’t want to give to much away around the narrative, but the film follows the unfolding events from a number of intertwined stories during the evacuation of Dunkirk: a fairly neglected story of WW2.


FoodnFilm has got a new advocate in me after my first experience. It was a refreshing way to spend a Wednesday evening and is a much needed alternative in the ever crowded event space in Manchester. Scott and Daniella deserve huge credit for their work on the event: everything ran smoothly and at no time did I feel unaware of what was happening. I also met up with Scott earlier this week for some delicious tacos to discuss his plans moving forward and I’m excited by his vision for FoodnFilm.


If you have a film on the horizon that you want to see then I would say do it through this event; I am planning to become part of the furniture moving forward. Daniella can you please add some meme’s below to summarise how much you people rock.


Always remember Eat.Meet.Film.Repeat   








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