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Dunkirk Review


With a back catalogue including Interstellar, Inception and the Dark Knight franchise, surely Nolan’s best work is behind him? Thankfully not, Dunkirk’s intensity and realism meant that from the moment the film began there was not a moment of respite.


In Dunkirk, Hans Zimmer creates a career-best score featuring shrill violins, thunderous Rolls Royce powered Spitfire engines and an ever present ticking of a watch to create a constant sense of anxiety.


To see the film on Europe’s tallest IMAX screen, and in 70mm projection is a sight to behold. Seeing the entire 495m2 screen at use while feeling the vibration of the seats as the Spitfire fly past is an adrenaline rush uncomparable to any other showings of the film.


I am delighted that FoodnFilm are bringing their next event to witness the film in its best setting and I cannot wait to go through it all again on Wednesday.


What is more, FoodnFilm have a "I watched Dunkirk on 70mm Imax" t-shirt to give away... What more could you want?


Book your tickets to Dunkirk here.


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