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FoodnFilm - a 'non-geeks' view...


I was vaguely interested in watching Wonder Woman, sure.  But I have to say, I’m no comic fan.  In fact the #GetYourGeekOn slogan of FoodnFilm doesn’t really resonate with me. I may be alone here – there are plenty of film buffs amongst the crowd at FoodnFilm.  So why does someone so ambivalent to sci-fi and comic book film go to a monthly event that centres on, well, just that? Could I not find anything better to do?

This was my 3rd time to FoodnFilm – I call it a “networking” event, that is, a crowd of people converging on a bar for drinks, food and chat, and then going to see a film together. But it’s an unusual format for networking. We spend two hours of the evening in silence (aside from the sound of munching on the complimentary popcorn). But networking in its best form is about building relationships - not two minutes each to sell how great you are. It’s doing something fun together and getting to know one another. When you do that it becomes less about self-gain. It becomes a collective of people who want to help one and other out. 


FoodnFilm attracts just the right size crowd of people, and it's a crowd of people whom I believe in. People I like, people I want to help, people who help me, people I want to hang out with. I call it networking, but I certainly don’t think of it as work (the same cannot be said for the bulk of networking events I have attended in the past). But this type of networking works. It encourages natural, more friendship based relationships to develop and testament to this is that other regular attendees have already recommended me to their friends and colleagues, for no other reason than that they like me and believe in what I do.


FoodnFilm had their first few events held at Hard Rock – a restaurant known to be good at supporting initiatives like this. But since the Odeon was sold on, the “film” part has moved to the AMC and so the “food” has had to move to this side of town too. This month we tried out Revs De Cuba. Food was perhaps amongst the best we’ve had at a FoodnFilm event and plentiful too– more of a full meal than the appetizers I’d previously been quite content with. They had raised the bar. Two for one cocktails were popular and the live music added to a lively atmosphere but left us able to hear – I know that makes me sound old but listening is an important function at a get-to-know-you event. I do like trying out different places, but maybe we’ve got the winning formula here?

So what about the film? I know I said it’s not particularly my thing but I loved this film. I had a two hour crush on Wonder Woman. What a character; She’s intelligent, curious, passionate about helping people in need, hard as nails. She has this endearing naivety when she comes into contact with our world, shining a light on how crazy things appear from the outside looking in.  She really didn’t need to be super-hot too. But of course she is; she’s Wonder Woman, and her humility, strength and super powers save the day from a bunch of lunatic men intent of killing as many people as possible. I’m completely unqualified to say this, but she is the best kind of superhero in all the history of superheroes.

A big part of my day job involves helping to push people a little away from their comfort zone.  To have new and exciting experiences.  To break away from “normal” in order to make their lives more colourful.  At FoodnFilm I’ve made some great contacts and in doing so I have made some great friends. But equally, FoodnFilm encourages me to watch films I otherwise wouldn’t go to see. It pushes me away from the bubble of my own choice of good film and into a different world.  This is healthy. I didn’t go to FoodnFilm to #GetMyGeekOn, but I guess I can now appreciate that perhaps we all have a little inner-geek. Either way, I’ll be back to many more of these.

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