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One networking event I would definitely take to a new planet!

FoodnFilm’s monthly event has always been on STANDBY’s radar mainly due to our love for film and the fact we are in the business of making films! 

Previous FoodnFilm showings I wanted to see were fully booked (Logan) but this only proved to me that Scott and his team had an event, that not only people were enjoying, but that it’s ever growing reputation was justified. So when Alien Covenant came about the decision to go was easily made and I booked on.

Further proof that the event was a success couldn’t be more apparent than after Monday’s tragic event people still came together and showed the spirit and strength we’ve seen all week in Manchester. Scott handled it the situation perfectly and I think I can speak for everyone when I say he got it spot on by not cancelling. 

Arriving at Home Sweet Home, there was plenty of time to engage with people, enjoy the food and Scott to introduce FoodnFilm. This gave the event an underlying sense of excitement which can only be a good thing when chatting to new people. What I really liked was how Scott has made this a longer event, an whole evening in fact, that gave everyone plenty of time to connect with others easily with no pressure to chat to people within a much shorter time frame.        

With the success of FoodnFilm, Scott has a choice of venues and cinemas and for this event the group were going to AMC for the first time. This was right round the corner from the food venue so the transition was easy. Popcorn was then duly handed out and the fact people were still talking right up to the start of the trailers shows how good this event is! 

I can’t recommend this event highly enough, not only for bringing film fans together but also gaining some great networking friends. Long may it continue. 

As for my review of Alien Covenant ….all I’m saying is, if the group of us at FoodnFilm were the crew of Covenant we would have done a better job than those muppets. 

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