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FoodnFilm wants you to be their guest!


Networking; a tale as old as time. You both do the dance, will you ever meet again? As friends? As strategic partners? Or just actually do business!


But when you go to FoodnFilm, you don’t really think about that! Upon arrival at Hard Rock Cafe, it’s not hard to find some familiar faces and it’s ever harder not to find some friendly faces. You get yourself a drink and, before you know it, you are chomping down on some themed biscuits! This time the biscuits were sponsored by Captured Proposals, but usually they are in honour of the films that are about to bestow us.


The great thing about FoodnFilm is that is doesn't feel like networking! It’s not hard work; it's fun and enjoyable. So much so that I bought it as a prize for an associate of mine, as it is definitely something that would be considered a treat. It's been super useful to get back in contact with people: Hey have you seen this? Hey see you there! So, you can nurture your existing relationships as well as make new ones!!


You’re already two biscuits in, and you’re wondering about the food that was promised. Don’t worry about that, they seem to always keep the food flowing- but if you are having a good chat- then you gotta keep your eyes open to get in there and get yourself some chicken or pizza type breads. I have noticed that some of the regulars, me included (since I have been to all of them), have found their perfect spots to perch to ensure maximum food swooping is achieved. I have noticed some people even eat the food and not attend the film- sacrilege! But that too is also what’s good about it- just do what suits you, eh!


Then our time has come to make our way around the corner to the Odeon. On this occasion I went for Beauty and The Beast. We get our popcorn bag and make our way into the screen, only to find that the film has started!! WTF? Even worse than that, *spoiler alert,* the beast has just turned into a man! That was quick! Obviously, the fellow cinema goers that had arrived in that screen two hours prior to our arrival knew that we were the fools who had walked into the wrong screen!! Doh! I’m very happy to say that we collected by our FoodnFilm hosts and then arrived at our premier seats in the correct screening in plenty of time to see some trailers before the film started.


The film itself was a delight of a range emotions, it was brilliantly cast, with some spectacularly awesome animation. I spotted a couple of times where I thought Belle wasn’t quite looking at the Beast, an easy mistake as he is much taller in his beast form, but am I nit picking there? I liked it so much, I have returned to the cinema to see it again since then, so I guess that says it all.

I am now very happily looking forward to the second of the two FoodnFilm's in May, in the form of Alien Covenant! See you all there geeks!


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