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Meet FoodNFilm - Manchester's newest (and most diverse) networking event


As networking events go, this one is pretty unique.  Food – you get fed – courtesy of Hard Rock Café.  Film – you watch a film, usually the latest big release – at the Odeon Printworks in Manchester city centre.  Oh, and you also get the chance to network with some good, good people. 


Tuesday 7th March saw the second event of FoodNFilm’s calendar of events.  The time, attendees had the choice of film. You could either plump for “Logan”- last in the Wolverine saga and brand spanking new off the chocks – or “Best” the new documentary about the legendary George Best. The fodder was provided by Hard Rock Café, as previously.  Not so much a sit down, juicy burger, but a more conversation-conducive fare of substantial buffet food.  And a glass of wine or bottle of Bud thrown into the cost of a ticket.


Comfortably situated on the mezzanine bar area of the Hard Rock, over 50 attendees talked and nibbled alongside the rock memorabilia.  Amongst the throng were business people from all sectors within Manchester, talented creatives, clever techies and good, honest film fans who fancied seeing the latest blockbuster with like-minded people. 


Once the feasting and open networking had finished, attendees made their choice of film and dispersed into the relevant screen.  Surprisingly, Logan got the lions share, but, as a committed Manchester City fan, I had a secret smile to myself.  Perhaps Hugh Jackman’s last outing as Wolverine was more attractive than watching old Manchester United footage of a football legend long gone. 


Sat in premier seats with our bags of free popcorn, courtesy of Odeon cinemas, we watched as Logan made his way to [censored to avoid spoilers!] and George Best had his short but spectacular life taken apart. And it was here that the evening ended and people made their way home.


So as a Manchester business owner on her first attendance to FoodNFilm, would I recommend it? That’ll be a yes.   So different than the normal networking event where frequently the format is to listen to relevant business topics being discussed, here there was no such rigidity.  Interaction was relaxed and informal and you could end up chatting to some lovely bod who had no connection whatsoever with the city centre business community, but just wanted to see a good film.  And that was refreshing in itself and probably drove the convivial atmosphere of the event.


In two short events, FoodNFilm has very much established itself on the Manchester networking scene.  And, in my opinion, it will probably become a major player.  I’d recommend you jump on board sooner rather than later, if you don’t want to miss out.


You can connect with Una on twitter @Telemark on via LinkedIN


Una Cottrell,  Founder of TeleMark

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