Tuesday July 17


Almost Famous Great Northern
Odeon Great 

We've waited 14 years for this moment, so KIDS MOVE OUT OF OUR WAY. We're taking a group of Incredible individuals to watch a Disney film like the adults we are. There will be food and popcorn and a talk by our very own superhero Roger Longden. Will you join us?


Your ticket includes: networking, tasty treats, a buffet style meal, a movie of your choice, popcorn and an insightful talk by a top performance coach. 



Sliding back to Almos Famous GN, be rude not too really... Please remember to let us know if you have any allergies or intolerances that we need to be aware of (or if you're veggie). We'll ensure you're catered for so you don't have to miss out!



It's finally back and we have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Is Jack Jack big now? Will Edna still have a next-level sass? Is Mr Freeze still COOL (we're not even sorry for that)?


We can't really see why this wouldn't be your cup of tea, but if you're more of a coffee drinker and don't fancy watching The Incredibles with us, you can opt for FoodnFilmFlexi which gives you the opportunity to trade your ticket in for another of your choice. You'll be able to choose from any other movie that Odeon is screening at the time - so there's no need to miss out on Roger's inspiring talk, the networking or lush food. Sounds good, right?



We all know incredible results don't just happen. Sure, hard work is vital, but it's not always enough. So, what's the secret sauce that gets you to incredible? We'll take a look at what you can do at both a personal and a business level to get you there with Roger Longden of There Be Giants.



Six foot something, performance engineer Roger is a gentle giant that will help us all stand a little taller - literally. With extensive experience in coaching, consultancy and performance management at his company There Be Giants, Roger helps clients realise their business growth strategy and performance management requirements.


Clients work with There Be Giants because they help them to create the culture, build the systems and embed the habits of high performance which help them scale and add value to their bottom line.


As the Founder of There Be Giants, Roger has built on his performance coaching foundations which have taken him from F1 to the middle of the North Sea (and now to FoodnFilm) and now works with clients all over Europe in the creative, software and professional services sectors.


Join us to find own how you can become INCREDIBLE too.

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