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Are you feeling naughty? Ready to be rebellious? Step on in...

For our second May event, we bring you REBELS: a head-to-head FoodnFilm event. Choose your favourite rebel and pledge your allegiance to #TeamDeadpool or #TeamSolo as we head to the cinema after some awesome food and a talk by Martyn Walsh from the Inspiral Carperts on "When to be a rebel".


Wednesday 30th May, from 5.45pm.


Ticket Includes:

- Networking with a fab group

- A talk on when to be a rebel by Martyn Walsh

- Your movie ticket to go see a film of your choice

- Lush food, including a buffet at Almost Famous and your own popcorn!

- Film-themed biscuits




You heard it hear first - Martyn Walsh will be in the building, ladies and gentlefolk. You may recognise Martyn from his 11 appearances on 'Top of the Pops,' or have his lyrics in your head from 1 of his 5 studio albums with the Inspiral Carpets...

So, it's fair to say that the force is strong with this one because Martyn definitely had his fun back in the day and now continues by supporting and nurturing talent. However, despite there being many lessons to learn from being ground-breakingly naughty, we're going to debate whether being a rebel is still exciting and fresh in business, or whether it just leads to mistrust and a bad rep these days. 

Take a moment to reflect: would you be inspired or smacking your head against the wall if Mr Deadpool himself was your CEO/MD?

Martyn, a Professional Trainer and Business Consultant, is going to help us navigate through the land of the unknown and help us establish when it's right (or not) to be a rebel. 

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