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February 9, 2018

After the success of Disney’s Moana, which embraced Ancient Polynesian culture in every aspect, it was no surprise to see a repeat of this culturally-driven Pixar plot.

With many believing all the fairy tales have been overdone or are unsurprisingly predictable, this ne...

February 8, 2018

 Check out the first trailer and poster for Venom, starring Tom Hardy.... 

January 29, 2018

Read our review of Three Billboards Over Ebbing, Missouri.

July 24, 2017

With a back catalogue including Interstellar, Inception and the Dark Knight franchise, surely Nolan’s best work is behind him? Thankfully not, Dunkirk’s intensity and realism meant that from the moment the film began there was not a moment of respite.

In Dunkirk, Hans Z...

July 3, 2017

Forgive me, dear reader, for this review being a bit late. I can’t promise that it’s worth the wait, but as a lifelong DC Fanboy there’s no way I was letting anyone else in the #GeekSquad take this assignment over me; Spidey’s all yours. I promised Darth Hadden that I...

May 22, 2017

This is a bit late, given that I’ve now seen the movie twice (once with my wife, based on the fact that it’s one of the few comic book movies which she’ll willingly let me pay for her to see and the other with the rest of the #geeksquad), however it’s written with the...

March 26, 2017

Having been an X-men fan my entire life, you would think that I’d have been X-static at the thought of 'Old Man' Logan appearing on the big screen.

You would’ve been more wrong than bright yellow and blue spandex!

History (in particular 'X-men origins: wolverine' and...

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